TechHandie Corporation is a business technology company creating websites and web applications to meet your business needs; as well as providing technical assistance in the areas of bookkeeping and marketing.

Web Design & Development

Web design is the process of making a website. It involves webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. It should be a reflection of your organization crafted to promote interaction, provide a unique user experience, and achieve certain business objectives.

Web development is the programming of client (frontend) and server side (backend) components of a web application (or website) to provide certain functionality as envisioned and specified by your organization. It involves web design and user interface creation as well. It is sometimes referred to as full stack development.

Ecommerce Solutions

Custom built web applications with the necessary functionality to facilitate the selling of goods and services online. Web applications can be websites, other online or mobile software applications, that run on a web server.

Technical Assistance

You need technical assistance. Let's talk! Let's find a solution. Not with a "one size fits all" or "the latest is the greatest" approach, but by taking the time to understand your business and what technologies will provide the right fit. No project is too small.

Free Consultation

Let's discuss your business, your need(s), the ensuing project, and what TechHandie can offer in helping your business manage the project and meet the need(s). The consultation is free.