The Journey

  • Worked in the healthcare industry in account receivable and revenue cycle management
  • Possess a MBA degree with a concentration in Entrepreneurial Studies
  • Trained in full stack development

Throughout my career there has always been some unforeseen challenge, some inevitable response to change that presented itself: a challenge that taxed the systems and processes in place; a challenge that was beyond the scope of the available technology. My response, Innovate. Go outside the conventional, the established way of thinking and doing things: build alliances, ferret underutilized resources, and reconfigure existing technology, to address the need and achieve the desired outcome.

The Purpose

I volunteer my time and expertise in running a nonprofit that serves the community through entrepreneurship, partnership, and education. It has been a 12 year labor of love. Here I “cut my teeth” in web design and development. It was not planned that way. I did it simply because something needed to be done and technology presented the most cost effective way to do it. Technology helped us to compete and “do much with little”, while not losing sight of our core values and business objectives.

Collectively, these experiences have been the impetus and genesis of the TechHandie Corporation. TechHandie Corporation is purposed to serve the small business and non-profit communities through the coupling of business acumen and technology.

TechHandie is founded on this principle

Business is the driver. Technology is the inspiration.

Understand the business and its vision. Understand the problem or challenge. Develop a custom web based solution(s).

Kenneth Jones - Founder